The long & hot summer may be one of the most frustrating and difficult times of the year. The temperature and the risen humidity wreaks havoc on your skin, causing discomfort, sunburns, and a lackluster face. To avoid all that stress and strain, try almonds to stay radiant throughout the summer months! Almonds have so many benefits for your skin. Let us walk you through the 3 most important benefits of almonds.

1. Almonds are high in Vitamin E

Almonds are an antioxidant powerhouse thanks to their high vitamin E concentration. Almonds contain 50% of the daily Value for vitamin E in just one ounce. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble chemical that readily dissolves in the presence of fat.The primary advantage of vitamin E is its capacity to speed up the healing of skin damage such as burns and wounds by up to 50%. Thus, It’s known to be an antioxidant that helps the skin recover from sunburn, inflammation, and injury. 

Vitamin E also has fat-soluble properties, which means it can help neutralize damaging free radicals and reduce sebum (oil) oxidation, which leads to an absolute prevention from blackheads. Additionally, Vitamin E helps to protect our skin cells from free radical damage caused by pollution, UV radiation from the sun, cigarette smoke, and other external and internal factors.It allows for considerably longer moisture retention between your skin cells than products that do not contain it. 

2. Improves skin’s texture

The almond nut is known for its ability to soften and smooth the skin. Bitter almond oil has been shown to be highly useful in eliminating pregnancy-induced stretch marks, whereas almond oil is advised for extremely dry skin problems including atopic dermatitis.When used on the face, it helps to prevent wrinkles and slows the aging process, resulting in less sun spots and pigmentation. Its use in many skincare lines is justified by the fact that it is a superb lubricant and also has exfoliating properties.

3. Mitigates Acne

Many people are unaware that almonds can be used to cure acne, blackheads, and whiteheads. The accumulation of filth and oil in the skin pores is the primary cause of many skin issues. Almonds are high in essential fatty acids, which serve to regulate oil secretion by the sebaceous glands and so aid to prevent acne, blackheads, and whiteheads. Almond oil also includes a molecule called olein glyceride linoleic acid, which is helpful in reducing acne and blackheads.

Furthermore, studies have shown that the addition of rose to almonds enhances the properties of almonds further resulting in an enriched experience for the skin during summers.Almonds and roses are two foods that are frequently connected with a healthy lifestyle since they are good skin-hydrating agents that help restore moisture in your skin pores, making it smoother. Rosewater has been demonstrated to help enhance skin tone and texture, while almonds have the ability to promote collagen formation in your skin, minimizing early signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots.

The combination of almonds and rose is an effective topical treatment for redness, sunburn, dryness, and psoriasis. The natural oils in almonds soothe and protect the skin in addition to the goodness of rose that hydrates the skin for a soft, supple appearance. You can get your hands on our Rose petals and almond face cleanser, hand-crafted by Aranyam to give you the best of both worlds. This 100% organic face cleanser is ideal for individuals who wish to reap the advantages of almonds without actually eating them.