How often had you thought that there is something that can uplift your mood in a jiffy? Well, at Aranyam, we are telling you there is a way to make you feel better with our natural fragrances.

A good perfume is not all about how good it smells rather how it makes you feel emotional, the sweet memories that it conjures up.

We are not making this up. Rather neuroscientist and author Dr. Rachek Herz said, ‘Scents have the ability to alter our emotions and moods more than any other sensory experience… This is because of the unique connection in the brain where scent, emotion, memories, and associations are processed. You can read all about how scents impact our brain in Dr. Herz’s book The Scent of Desire: Discover Our Enigmatic Sense of Smell.

A good natural perfume is hence composed of notes which target and directs your emotions.

Here are five natural perfumes that will change your mood:

Suvarna Jasmine Attar by Aranyam.Best attar online shop.

Suvarna Jasmine

Traditionally jasmine has been used for calming the serves for centuries in India. However, when you use jasmine perfume, it can work as an anti-depressant and uplift your mood. A natural jasmine perfume can make you feel confident, revitalize your energy and help you to feel optimistic.

Suvarna Chandan/ Sandalwood

Ancient Indians have used it as a base for incense for centuries. Traditionally Indians use it for any holy occasion and spiritual purpose. It is known for bringing harmony, balance, and focus to the mind. It also helps in calming the nerves. So if you want to aid your meditation and feeling anxious, use a dab of our Suvarna Chandan to get the feeling of serenity.


This fragrant flower is widely used in aromatherapy for its characteristics like soothing the mind, body, and skin. When you use Sonchafa perfume, you will feel relaxed, and a sense of calm will embrace you even if you are feeling errant. It will also uplift your mood since it works as a stress reliever. Using it regularly can help you to reduce the visual signs of stress.


Whenever you are feeling nervous or have a sense of fear, use Aranyam’s Ratrani perfume. Traditionally in India, the flower and the tree has been used to create a positive and calming atmosphere in the house. It is also believed the flower can remedy any architectural defects of a home. Smelling the scent of Ratrani will reduce the tension, nervousness, and fear that you are feeling while calming you down.


Using of Mogra scent every day can work as an anti-depressant and also help you with mood swings. So if you are feeling any kind of mental stress or suffering from depressing thoughts, Mogra perfume can relieve you from all these. In India, it is known for having therapeutic properties and revitalizing nature.