Attar selection is a more complicated procedure than simply going to a store and picking the one you like best. It’s important that the smell you choose evokes a memory, uplifts your mood, and emits an aroma that matches your personality. While there is a wide range of attars available, finding one that meets these criteria and others is critical. Here’s how to pick the ideal attar for your next outing.

1. Firstly, Do Your Homework

The most important thing is to do your homework. Perfumes come in a variety of fragrances, naturally, so you need to familiarise yourself with their scents and notes. When using floral or fruity elements, pay attention to the smallest of details. Choose the right scent that you’re comfortable wearing. To better understand the fragrance’s core note, you can compare it to other items you use daily, such as soaps and shampoos.

2. Make the proper choice in your group

Identifying which fragrance family your desired scent belongs to is the first step in the process. Woody, oriental, aromatic, flowery, fruity, and citrus aromas are all available. Each attar has its own distinct aroma, whether it is earthy and musky, fresh and floral, or fruity and warm. It’s crucial to choose a match that suits your personality. Make sure to look at and analyze the ingredients given on the label of the attar bottle before deciding which one to buy.

3. Consider your skin type when making this decision.

Perfume fades faster or slower depending on whether you have oily or dry skin, warm or cold skin, and how your perspiration condition. So, knowing these are essential as to which attar to purchase. When applied to dry skin, perfume has a greater chance of fading faster. A fragrance with a high concentration of raw ingredients like attar is a beautiful choice if you have dry skin. The scent might linger longer if your skin produces a lot of natural oil.

4. Have a sniff of the perfume

Make sure you smell the perfume before you buy it. After smelling the scent, ask yourself if you can imagine yourself wearing it to work or a social occasion every day. Determine if you want to stick with a smell that you already use or if you’re going to experiment with a new one. Your body’s chemical composition can also influence a scent’s intensity and lingering time. Make sure you consider all of these aspects before making a decision.

5. Decide on the most appropriate concentration for your needs

As the concentration of perfumes increases, so does the price because there are four levels of engagement to choose from. While as a non-perfumer, you don’t have to be aware of all engagement levels but do remember to select an attar that offers a long-lasting effect. But do remember a high-concentration perfume may be worth the extra cost.


Make a purchase now that you know how to choose the best beauty attire for yourself or a loved one. When looking for a new scent, avoid donning just any perfume. A random choice can never be a good one. Instead, you’ll be able to discover a seductive, alluring, relaxing, or mood-elevating fragrance. Trust us when we say you will reach a whole other universe of fragrance if you follow these five steps when selecting an attar. To find the best attar, visit Aranyam, the company that offers a wide range of premium attars at an affordable price, which will suit your style.