Non-alcoholic perfume – attar – is an essential but little-discussed topic in the natural beauty field. It is quite a well-known fact that perfume and fragrance makers often add alcohol to the mix to dilute and strengthen the scent of the oils used in the perfume.

However, there are other ways to accomplish the same goal! Attars of the traditional way of making perfumes offered by Aranyam are alcohol-free. This natural process of making the perfumes and retaining the essential oils of the ingredient is becoming popular with companies and private perfumers alike. 

If you’re wondering why the reason is it offers quite a lot of benefits. It not only smells good but lasts longer. This is more evident when you use natural flower scents. 

In what ways might natural floral perfumes benefit your life?

Imagine this: you take a stroll through a garden or even a local farmer’s market. You can feel your stress alleviated, uplifted emotions, which gives you a sense of overall happiness. Do you understand why? Natural aromatherapy for stress reduction can be found in the form of fresh fruits and flowers from the garden or farmer’s market.

According to a recent study, the floral-scented molecule linalool, which may be found in a wide variety of fruits and flowers, including lavender and the leaves of the basil family of plants, may decrease stress-related chemicals. Stress-induced immunological responses that go into overdrive in stressful settings were reduced by inhaling linalool. These findings reflect some of the first empirical evidence to support claims that inhaling the smells of particular plants has been done since ancient times to relieve stress, battle inflammation, and depression, and induce sleep.

Natural Floral Perfumes have six advantages over synthetic ones.

Afraid to commit to using natural floral fragrances? Organic perfume businesses like Aranyam, which adhere to ethical standards, do not use any unethical procedures to create their scents. Gandhayukti, a centuries-old Indian Ayurvedic form, is used to create each floral perfume by Aranyam. The Aranyam Attars have six added advantages to assist you in making the conversion from chemically induced aromas to natural floral scents.

1. Uplifts Mood

Natural essential oils used in attar should be used instead of synthetic chemicals to create a fragrance. This is because it helps with emotional and physical healing powers such as Calming, energy-enhancing, relaxing, and mood-lifting procedures.

2. Skin and Environment Safe

Organic perfume is safe for the skin and the environment. Since it does not contain ingredients that have been grown using pesticides, artificial chemicals, other poisonous ingredients, it does not affect your skin unless you are allergic to that particular flower.

3. Doesn’t cause diseases

Safe from getting diseases caused by petrochemical odors. Petrochemicals are one of the ingredients often found in artificial perfumes, which can cause migraines, nausea, and lung discomfort. However, the fragrance you find in floral perfume is all-natural without any synthetic additives.

4. No Animal Testing Involved

Natural floral perfumes are not subjected to animal testing, like the ones that contain synthetic ingredients. The use of phthalates and musk in mass-produced fragrances has resulted in horrendous abuse of animals.

5. You Can Layer It

Unlike synthetic perfumes, organic floral perfumes derived from essential oils can be worn alone or combined to create a variety of aromas.

6. Offers Personalized Fragrance

Synthetic perfumes cover the skin; natural and organic floral fragrance perfumes leave behind a personal scent that is unique to each person.


For Aranyam, the Sahyadri hills of India provide the raw materials for a wide variety of organic and natural floral perfumes. All of the attars are of the highest quality and are available at a reasonable price.