Aranyam India laid its foundation in the year, January 2017 and is one of the leading brands in the natural fragrances’ industry.

The brainwave of Aranyam is inspired by the ardent vision of combining the ancient wisdom of nature with modern aesthetics and creating high quality natural fragrances that alleviates the mood and relieves one of psychosomatic disorders. True to its name, Aranyam opens the door to a unique journey and offers a chance to dive in the repertoire of nature. It offers the select range of Floral Essences and Perfumes that are derived from the womb of nature.

Aranyam is led by a strong and experienced team of Ayurveda veterans, Horticulture Consultants and R & D Experts and is driven by the passion of incessant entrepreneurship of the management.

At Aranyam, providing the best quality and the highest level of customer satisfaction is always a priority. And hence, we focus all our endeavors in this pursuit. Our consistent efforts and undying passion have helped us create a firm standing in the industry. In few years, Aranyam has come to known as one of the best brands for the floral fragrances in India. 

Besides the online avenue, Aranyam also exhibits its range at renowned places like Kala Ghoda Festival, World Trade Center, Chembur Festival, BKC Lifestyle Expo, Bombay Exhibition Center & many others.