The alcohol-free and long-lasting properties of attars have taken the scent business by storm. As a result, attars are gaining more prominence in the perfume industry. Anyone who enjoys wearing perfumes wants their scents to last longer, and winter is the best time of year where fragrances last long. Natural attars that are warming in nature are ideal to be worn during the winter. They are commonly used in winter because of the warming properties of attars like Oudh, khus, and the oil of saffron.

Winter Attars: What to Look for?

If you are a novice to the world of ‘Attars,’ you may have difficulty deciding which fragrance to wear that would be comforting and suit your unique style.
As a pro tip, we can say you should constantly be on the lookout for attars with fresh undertones, deep, musky, and sweet scents during the winter season. Inhaling the aroma of these attars will make you feel warm and relaxed.

Attars to Keep You Warm in the Colder Season

Here is a list of the best attars that will make you feel warm and fuzzy whenever you wear them this winter. Their therapeutic qualities and long-lasting aroma also make them quite popular among the attar connoisseurs.

1. Oudh Attar.

Class and ‘luxury’ are associated with Oudh. The world’s most expensive essential/attar oil is Oudh oil, which people around the globe adore. In some of the world’s most expensive fragrances and smells, Oudh attar is used as the base ingredient. The attar has a woody, deep, spicy, and leathery scent. Oudh-based attars can be used in any season, but the winters make them even more potent. Warmth is provided by the Oudh attar, which lasts for a long time.

2. Kesar (Saffron) Attar

As the world’s most expensive spice, saffron is regarded as a delicacy.Saffron attar, which is native to northern India and the region north of the country, has a remarkable number of medicinal properties. This attar provides warmth, good sleep with a healing touch.

3 Musk Attar

Black Musk Attar and White Musk Attar are two types of Musk Attars available in the market. Black musk is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an attar for the winter.
If you’re looking for a winter scent that will keep you warm while simultaneously making you stand out, go no further than Musk attar.

4. Amber Attar

In general, Amber attar can be described as resinous, warm, and woodsy, with a hint of citrus. In addition, amber is a deep and nuanced attar with outstanding warming properties. 
Applying an Amber attar to nerves releases a calming warmth that lets you feel at ease.

How To Use Attar?

Attar should not be used as a perfume. To begin with, you can’t just spray it on your skin and go about your day. There are three crucial steps involved:
The attar should be applied to the inside side of the wrists with a modest amount. Then, massage your wrists together.
Next, apply to the inner side of each earlobe, and then gently rub the product there.
Attar’s scent lingers for a long time because of the pressure points on our skin, so you can dab a bit on other pressure points if you want.

Final Words

If you’ve ever wanted to experience winter in a new way, Aranyam has just the thing for you. These are high-quality, naturally derived attars that are available at a reasonable price for you this winter.