Whether it’s summer, winter, or a rainy season, the scare of having a bad smell in your office, car, or home is always a concern. Of course, the last thing you want is a foul smell in any of these places. But having that foul, stanching smell is not your fault. Dust, air pollutants, extreme weather conditions can cause these smells, and using an air freshener to remove the smell is your only option. But hold on… do you want to remove the odor or just use some chemicals that are sold in the name of air freshener that just covers up the odor? At times, there are artificial chemicals added to air fresheners that reduce the nose’s ability to smell. Hence, in reality, these artificial air fresheners do not stop the offensive odor from the source. Thus, the odor remains. As a result, you have to use the air freshener frequently to eradicate the smell, exposing you to these artificial chemicals.  natural air freshenerResearch has shown chemicals that are often found in the plugged air fresheners have Pinene and limonene. They react with the ozone, which is often found in indoor air pollutants. After reacting with ozone, it creates formaldehyde and other chemicals that increase respiratory problems.  Experts and scientists hence recommend not to use air freshener in a car, home or office because they make the air inside more dangerous to breathe. So, how to have a room or car that is not foul-smelling, use Natural Air Fresheners Natural air fresheners are nothing but Natural essential oils that can get rid of these foul stenches. You can also add a few drops of the oil in a bowl of water placed on a radiator. Even put a few drops of the essential oil in a bowl and let it get heated by a bulb or tea candle. You can also make a spray from these essential oils and spray around the house, office, or in the car to make the space smell fresh.

Apart from being non-toxic to your body, natural air fresheners made with essential oils also offer quite a few benefits. Some of them are:

  • Helps in relaxing
  • Promotes a feeling of calm 
  • Improves focus and clarity 
  • Elevates your mood for better 
  • Reduces the anti-inflammatory properties around hence reducing the redness in appearance 
  • Reduces the joint aches 
  • Cleanses the air for easier breathing 
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Improves and supports the digestive system 
  • Promotes better sleep 
  • Relaxes muscle soreness and tension 
  • Promotes healthy eating habits 
  • Improves blood circulation 
  • Minimizes the effects of seasonal changes

So why use artificial air fresheners anymore? It’s time to switch to organic and natural ones. While you can find a number of Organic Air Fresheners online, you need to be sure it is the best and truly organic. Your search ends at Aranyam, where all the fragrances are organic and made from natural products using the ancient Ayurvedic technique. Without compromising the quality, you get the best natural air fresheners without making a hole in your pocket.