Often following an elaborate regime for your skincare can be quite challenging after a hectic day. But cutting too many corners, mainly avoiding the use of toner, can cost you the glowy luminous skin that you have always wanted. While you have seen them in cosmetic shops and even online, those slim bottles containing clear or lightly tinted colored liquid but toner has become a curious product for many. Those who have never used it think it’s unnecessary, while some use it out of habit and some avoid it altogether for the bad reputation it has. 

Typically, toners contain a high level of alcohol. So earlier, while they removed the excess oil, they also made your skin go dry as they sucked every bit of the moisture out of the skin. But not anymore.  

Many toners in the market are made of natural products. 

How Natural Facial Toner Helps Your Skin?

We know toner looks like water. However, it is more than just your regular H2O. A natural toner is enriched with properties that can help you get blemish-free, luminous, and healthy skin. In addition, regular use of toner during your face cleaning regime can help your skin to stay and look younger. Some of the benefits that a natural facial toner offers are:

  • Restore and maintain the skin’s pH level, which in turn enables it to stay soft, supple, and healthy. 
  • Toner removes all the minute and stubborn particles, grime, and dust that are left behind after you cleanse your face. 
  • Toners can be extremely helpful for those suffering from acne as it helps in reducing the oil content of the skin while removing it and shrink the pores. 
  • If you want to protect your skin, add toner to your facial routine because it acts as a protective layer that can help in reducing skin contamination from the environment. 
  • It also acts as a moisturizer, mainly any skincare item that has humectants. They attract moisture from the air to keep the skin hydrated. 

How To Incorporate Facial Toner Into The Regime?

Toner can be used in the morning and/or night. When you use it in the morning, it will remove the overnight dirt and sweat, while at night, it will help you to remove the entire day’s makeup and grime. Regardless, you should apply the toner after cleansing your face, preferably when it is wet. Then, after applying the toner, you can go to using all the other face care products you use.

Why Use Natural Facial Toner? 

While the debate rages on whether to use natural or artificial toner, we would suggest using natural is always beneficial. Toner is one component that you don’t wash off after using. Rather put other face products on top of it. On the other hand, using an artificial toner means you are making your skin prone to some adverse effects. While many artificial toners in the market are less costly than natural ones, the decision is yours.  

A natural product is always better than an artificial product, mainly those that have been developed using traditional ayurvedic science and technology.