Whether you are a gentleman or a lady, you always put on quite a lot of thought in selecting the right outfit, shoes, and even hairstyle for an occasion. So why not put the same diligence when selecting a perfume for an occasion? Why should less thought be given to that?

It is a passé now to have a single bottle for all your occasions. It’s time to put multiple wonderfully designed and different perfumes on your vanity shelf and use them as per the occasion.

But how would you select which is the right perfume for a different occasion?

While selecting the perfect perfume for any occasion comes down to your personal preference, however, we’ve gathered some tips that might help choose the fragrance that’s right for your next event. 


Using light scents for the daytime is the best. Since daytimes are warmer than nights, a perfume will last longer and travel farther. So it is advisable to use a fragrance that is not intense and strong, so it doesn’t overpower on a warm day. Also, because you will be running mundane errands, involved in commutes and work, wear a perfume that will uplift your mood and be enjoyable.


If you enjoy sultry and heavier gourmand fragrances, nighttime is the perfect time to wear them. They fare better during the cooler time. Also, depending on where you are visiting during the night, if you are going to a café with friends or a creative meeting in the evening, wear a perfume that has a hint of green tea or coffee in it. In case you are going for a party, or night out with friends, wear something like vanilla or perfume that reminds you of a fun time and has a positive vibe to it.

For Work

Always opt for a neutral and light perfume, so it is not off-putting for co-workers and clients. A perfume that will boost your confidence and something that makes you feel great is a good choice. Something like sandalwood can do wonders as a perfume during your time at work.

For A Date

It’s a special occasion when you go on a date, and indeed it doesn’t happen every evening. Therefore, it is time to experiment by wearing something you don’t use regularly, but be careful of opting for a perfume that will fit you in the right mood. Also, it is advisable to use a perfume that will make you feel confident. It has been noted that musky, sweet, or spicy scents often go well on date nights. If you are going on a date with your significant other, then pick a fragrance that both of you like.


Traveling to new places is a perfect time to switch and experiment with fragrances. Pick-up travel size selection of perfumes for the trip where you can associate new fragrances with wonderful new memories. It is also the time when you can try out local perfumes so you can bring them back and a part of that trip with you always. 

Final Words

The perfume you wear is a part of yourself and helps you show who you are to the world. While there are no rules to which scent you should wear to a certain event, when you select the perfect fragrance for an occasion, it will undoubtedly help you create the experience you want. Ultimately the choice is yours!