For ages now, humans have had the urge to smell like flowers, and precisely for that reason, Floral Perfumes have gone the reputation of being vintage, old, traditional, and even stuffy at times. However, that didn’t deter the perfume industry from using the fragrances of flowers to develop their best-sellers.

Flowers have a complex order that can entice bees, insects, and humans. So, as the perfume industry keeps on paying its homage to the olfactory and the beauty of flowers, let’s take a quick look into what is floral perfumes and why they appeal to Indians so much.

What Is Floral Perfume?

Natural Floral PerfumeFloral perfume, as the name suggests, has scents that have their origin in flowers. It can be from a single flower, or the scent has been derived by combining multiple flowers. Often floral perfume scents are feminine, subtly sweet, and soft in nature. Floral perfume falls into the category of the ability to boost one’s mood, help the wearer relax, and even increase the occurrences of having pleasant dreams when worn before going to sleep in the night.

While this can be described as what constitutes a floral perfume, what makes them so popular among Indians?

Why Indians Like Floral Perfume

Most Indian women like to use floral perfume and look for the best floral perfumes online and in shops. But if you think using perfume by the Indian ladies is something that they have followed from the west, you couldn’t be farther from the truth.

It’s in the traditions

Indians have been using perfume for centuries. Indian men and women alike have been using attars, which is the oriental version of the perfume.

The references to perfume extraction from flowers, herbs, spices, trees, and leaves have been recorded in ancient texts, and how it is done is also mentioned. Gandhayakuti is one such ancient Ayurvedic tradition of extracting fragrances from natural ingredients. Since the tradition of using perfume is ancient, and few flowers are fundamental in the household and associated with rituals, they naturally became part of an Indian lady’s life.

Flowers Are Integral Part

For example, rose is a fragrance that is not only used for perfumes but also in food, and it exudes a sweet smell that uplifts the mood of the wearer and the people around.

Indians Love Ayurveda

In India, the land of Ayurveda perfumes has been developed from natural ingredients, mainly flowers, and has inherent healing capacities. Since these flower fragrances have been intrinsic while growing up and fragrances ground us, connect us to a place, and remind us to where they are sourced from. It is also associated with the place, culture, and as an identifier of Indian symbols, thus making Indians go back to floral perfumes that have been transmitted to us through ages. 

Marigold flower used in weddings and known for its sweety and fruity fragrance. It is also seen in temples as the garland for gods, so the flower and its scent have a special significance for Indians, and they love to wear the perfume which has hints of it.

Jasmine is a flower that can give an overpowering smell to a mild one—often worn by women in their hair as a garland. The perfume, while having a distinctive scent, also offers health benefits.

Final Words

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