India has a long history of producing best attars for men and women, which are concentrated perfume oils procured from natural ingredients, like flowers, leaves, stems, the bark of trees, roots, to name a few. However, the image of this category of perfumes has changed over the years, as European brands have taken over the market as “more superior” in comparison.

To many, the best-smelling perfumes are synonymous with Western perfumery, particularly French perfumery brands. When we are thinking of buying perfume, many of us look to Western luxury labels such as Chanel, Dior, or even Elizabeth Arden because we have been trained to value their products as superior.

However, it is time to think otherwise. Mainly, if you look into these brands, the base of their perfumes are these attars, perfume oils. One of the main ingredients that many of these brands use are Oudh, one of the most expensive attars globally. At times Oudh perfume can cost more than the most expensive and coveted western perfumes available in the market. So let’s take a look at the reasons why we should opt for attars instead of the costly international perfume brands. 

1. Attars are less expensive than overpriced luxury perfumes.

Even though they are organic perfumes, attars tend to be cheaper than the international luxury perfume brands despite them being concentrated perfumes. Of course, we’re not talking about knockoff attars here; instead, we’re talking about real, natural attars. Although they are of excellent quality, khus (vetiver) attars, kewda flowers, and some types of jasmine attars can be found for a reasonable price in India. These natural elements are rendered in prosperous, concentrated, honest, and realistic-smelling perfumes for a few hundred to thousand rupees. You’d have to pay thousands of rupees for a bottle of the same quantity of perfume from a high-end brand.

2. You get pure perfume oil without the addition of alcohol or other artificial preservatives.

When it comes to perfume quality, we must realize that the power and longevity of the fragrance are directly related to the concentration of the perfume. Attar is the most concentrated, followed by Eau de Toilettes and then Eau de Perfume. Different amounts of water or alcohol are used to decrease the potency of perfume. This directly impacts the lingering effect of the perfume.

Furthermore, these attars do not dry out the skin, and instead, the natural oils which are the base of the attars nourish the skin. This is significant from a skin-friendly perspective, unlike the artificially chemically induced perfumes. 

3. An excellent attar’s aroma lasts longer than an EDT’s.

Attars have a more pungent scent than EDTs because of their higher concentration. When you’re close to someone wearing an attar, you can smell it even if it doesn’t have the same throw or sillage as alcohol-based fragrances. Aside from their long-lasting effects, they are also relatively easy to remove off the face and body. You can wear an attar to bed and wake up with the aroma still lingering on your skin. Because if you’re going to spend money on a perfume that’s going to be gone in an hour, why not just purchase a cheaper perfume oil?

4. Attars are scented with traditional Indian scents that are only found in India.

The raw materials for many of the world’s most stunning perfume notes can be found in India, making it a unique destination for those who enjoy the scent of the exotic. However, at home, we like CK One. Many white florals, such as Champa and Juhi, and Rajnigandha and mogra, can be found here, including Oudh and sandalwood. These scent notes are treasured, unusual, and unique all over the world. So isn’t it about time we started buying things that contained these?

Conclusion:In the case of Aranyam, traditional Indian perfume ingredients are combined to create strong attar perfume without the one-note character that we might identify with perfumes. Instead, Attar notes such as Gulab, jasmine, and sandalwood take on a new meaning with this blend. Why not buy and enjoy the fragrance of luxury premium attars at an affordable price from Aranyam?